Foot Freedom Podiatry
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Foot Freedom Podiatry

Foot Freedom Podiatry Adelaide and Murray Bridge provides a safe, friendly and professional service for all your foot and lower limb pain. We use a variety of therapies and treatments to address your specific issues with a personal approach. 
We regularly treat;
Diabetic foot care
Ingrown toenail care
Biomechanical assessment 
Warts, corns and callus care
Foot, shin and leg pain
Orthotic therapy
Nail care
Dry needling
Sports injury management
Footwear advice
Paediatric/children podiatry
Gait analysis


Caroline Bussell - Senior Podiatrist

Caroline's approach is to focus on the patients holistic podiatry needs and she is committed to rectifying foot and leg issues in an honest, safe and professional way. 

After graduating from the Auckland University of Technology, Caroline has gained global experience, across biomechanics, paediatrics, nail surgery, sports-related injuries and diabetic foot screening/management.

Caroline is dedicated to continuous evidenced-based professional development to deliver up-to-date services and methodologies to clients. 

Caroline is a member of the Australian Podiatry Association. 

 Murray Bridge

34 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge

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252 Kensington Road, Leabrook
Health on Kensington Medical Centre

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